I really enjoy everyone's emails and messages so keep them coming, but I am getting swamped with questions asking for the same info over and over and I'm not able to reply to them as quickly as I would like
to. So rather than take days (or weeks) in replying to messages I have decided to compose this FAQS page (Frequently Asked Questions) which should answer a lot of questions, especially to first timers to my site. If you have a question first read below before emailing me. Thanks for visiting and I hope to keep bringing you some dope art for your soul.

-When did you start writing? 1987

-Where were you born and raised? Los Angeles, fo' life.

-How did you get started in Graff? Check the BIO page.

-Are your paintings for sale? Yes, most pieces in the paintings sections are available to be purchased. Please contact me for pricing.

-Do you do custom work (commissioned murals, paintings, illustrations, etc.)? Yes I do, please feel free to contact me if you have a serious inquiry.
email: manone@manone.com

-Do you do tattoo designs? No.

-Do you do airbrush? No.

-Can you do my name in some Graff styles for me? No, I don't like charging for that and that would be the only way to make it worth my while, so I'd rather not.

-Can I use one of your images for my new underground hip hop CD cover? No.... I love doing artwork for people but when it comes to doing artwork for merchandising purposes, I needs to get paid! I have spent many years of hard work and education to understand the best way to convey a visual message, and I charge a good fee for that. Nothing personal, but if you're serious and can afford me, by all
means, hit me up!

-Do you trade pictures of your work? No, I mostly take digitals now, and I don't have the time (or money) to send stuff out to everyone I know. But that's why I have this site!

-May I interview you for my college paper? Yes, but please do your homework on my pertinent background info. and email me the questions with good lead time.

-Do you do lectures or give workshops? Yes I do, contact me for my going rate and requirements.
email: manone@manone.com

-What types of paints do you use? I prefer Belton Molotow over any other brand.